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Thoughts on Isaiah 9:6


“… and the government shall be upon his shoulder שכם…” 

Isaiah 9:6

On each shoulder (שכם, “shechem”) of the High Priest’s ephod a stone was mounted, bearing the names of the tribes of Israel (Exodus 28:11-12).

As Holy things of the tabernacle were carried upon the shoulders of the priests (Numbers 7:9), we see that the nation of Israel is a Holy people being borne on the shoulders of Yahshua.

The people of Israel, lifted up by the strength of Yahshua, are to become a nation of Kings and Priests – government.

Events which occurred in Shechem (שכם), a city in Northern Israel, during the Biblical period illustrate a blueprint for government and the intimate connection that Israel has with the manifestation of this government.

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