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Some thoughts on the Shoulder

Antique Illustration Of Human Body Anatomy: Shoulder

The body is the Temple of the Holy Spirit, therefore each part of the anatomy represents a facet of the Temple. Bones represent the Laws/Word of God as they form the foundation upon which the body is built.

As sin is the transgression of the Law (1 John 3:4) not one of Yahshua’s bones were broken (John 19:36), as He had not sinned.

The collar bone (clavicle – derived from the Latin “Clavicula”, meaning “little key”, as it describes the action of the bone as it rotates along its axis) is the most broken bone of the body.

A broken clavicle is unable to carry a load – one is unable to shoulder the responsibility of being King and Priest, as that which gives one the strength to do so (the Laws/Word of God) has been compromised.

At the age of 20 the collar bone hardens completely. Twenty is the age of redemption (Exodus 30:14).

Being redeemed (freed from bondage in Egypt and lifted up into life), and trusting in the strength of the Laws/Word of God, Israel should have been able to enter into the land and manifest God’s Kingdom Government. However, the Israelites rejected the report given by Caleb and Joshua about the Promised Land, and murmured against the Word of God. All those 20 years and older were not permitted to enter into the land (Numbers 14:29).  By murmuring Israel rejected God’s Word and His redemptive power – the key bone was broken, and they were unable to enter. 

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