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Alone Yet Not Alone

This movie is based on the inspiring true story of Barbara Leininger, who through her faith in God was led on a journey from the darkness of bondage to the light of freedom.

Set in America in the mid 1700’s, Barbara was forcibly removed from her family home and taken captive, together with other children from the settlement, by the Delaware Indians.

As time went on, Barbara was noticed by Galasko, a strong Indian Warrior and son of the Chief. It eventually became apparent that she was destined to marry him.

Throughout her years of captivity, Barbara held on to the strong Christian foundation her parents had instilled in her during her childhood and she came to the realisation that if she were to marry Galasko she would be required to give up her Christian belief in the One True God in order to embrace the ‘gods’ of the Indians. This she could not do…

Her only option was to attempt an escape, but this too was fraught with danger as the Indian Warriors would hunt down and kill any who dared to escape… there would be no mercy, even not for her as the favourite of the Chief’s son.

Together with three others, Barbara put her life in the care of her Almighty God and in their epic escape from the darkness of Indian captivity, God protected and guided them to the freedom/safety of the British held Fort Pitt.

The lessons of Passover can be heard in the theme song – Bound in His Love & protected by His Shield all His Love is now revealed.

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