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Entering the Promised Land at Passover, and the Account of Rahab

Rahab 2019

The encounter between the Israelite spies and Rahab (Joshua 2) occurred just before the Israelites crossed the Jordan River – in order to take possession of the Promised Land at the time of Passover (Joshua 5). This account provides a blueprint for us today – as having entered the Kingdom Age, we also, like the Israelites of old, are entering into the possession of our inheritance – the manifestation of the Kingdom of God on this earth as His Kings and Priests.

Two men were sent into the land by Joshua to spy it out and they came to the home of Rahab, who lived in Jericho (government of man). Like Rahab, we are also still bound/walled in by the ‘ways of man’ today. A shift in authority, from man to God, is required in order to come into possession of our inheritance. This is illustrated in Rahab’s account.

Rahab was a woman of faith (Hebrews 11:31). She was very conversant with the history and destiny of the people of Israel, and recognised the sovereignty of God (Joshua 2:9-10). Rahab sought the Lord with all her heart and mind as can be seen symbolically in the flax (righteousness) that was found on the roof of her house (mind). She recognised that the time had come for Israel to enter into their destined inheritance and that Jericho would therefore need to be destroyed. In order to save her household alive she asked the spies for a true sign ( אות , Joshua 2:12). The sign given her was “a line ( תקות) of scarlet thread hung in the window” (Joshua 2:18). The Hebrew word תקות, is only translated as “line” in this verse. All other occurrences of this word are translated as “hope” in the Scriptures. With this understanding the verse could be read as:

‘Behold, we are coming into the land. Bind in the window the hope signified by this scarlet thread…’

The scarlet thread represents the blood of Yahshua – which not only delivers us from bondage but gives us Life. The hope ( תקות) is the state of expectant activity (see 2nd edition of Caleb’s Journal – A Verse to Ponder).

From this we come to realise that the Passover Feast days are a time where we come to see with our eyes (the window of our body) His Power (through the hope signified by the scarlet thread). As we enter into our inheritance may we behold the fullness of the hope symbolised in the blood of Yahshua – being freed from bondage and coming into possession of Life, thereby being able to stand as the ‘strongholds of man’ (the Walls of Jericho) crumble around us.

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