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Israelite Spies Mosaic Found at Huqoq


As reported in the Biblical Archaeology Magazine a mosaic has recently been discovered in Huqoq, Israel, depicting two Israelite spies carrying a cluster of grapes upon their shoulders – illustrating Numbers 13:23.

The shoulder is commonly associated with strength and responsibility. The grapes, a kingdom fruit, illustrate the promise and source of our strength – Yahshua, the perfect atonement.

Yahshua is the door through which we enter the Kingdom (John 10:9).  He is the perfect embodiment of the Law and thus the expression of the Kingdom.

The discovery of the mosaic at Huqoq (חוקוק) is significant for two reasons:

Huqoq relates to Law/Word

חוקוק – appointed, to cut, inscribe, decree… to engrave, enact, prescribe-appoint laws.

Huqoq is located in the border of Naphtali (Joshua 19:34)

Naphtali, together with Zebulon, will see the Light… of Yahshua’s governance (Isaiah 9:1-2,6, Matthew 4:15-16).

This discovery has led us to ponder that true strength lies in the Word/Law of God by which we can see the Light in order to enter His Kingdom – recognising that our responsibility and allegiance is fully with and to Yahshua.