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Work as Worship

By giving man the command to work for six days of the week, to be the stewards of His Creation, God gives each of us a role to play in the Providence through which He governs the world and by which He keeps it in being.

When we view our work as our vocation, as a station in life to which we have been called by God, we recognise that we are answering to a higher call, and our work is transformed into an act of worship and service that is directed towards our God and King so that His Kingdom is manifested.

Let us consider the making of a loaf of bread. God rules the entire process – from the provision of the earth in which to sow the grain, the miracle of multiplication of the seed, the harvest, threshing, milling and finally the baking of the bread itself and putting it on your table. Every human being who helps in this process is working hand in hand with God.

When we view our work from this perspective our focus is on being – being a faithful servant through the pursuit of Godliness and Holiness, so that God is glorified, that the faithfulness of God Himself is made visible.

As a result  we can rest in the providence and provision of our King – as by faithfully following His call through performing our work we can be assured that our God will deliver on His promise… and that our life is secured.

However today most people no longer view their work as a vocation, but as an occupation.

The fact that our work is directed by God is no longer recognised, and instead many believe that it is man himself that directs his work.

The focus shifts from being to doing.

Man gets busy doing – he pursues production and consumption through which he finds what he believes is security and progress… the holidays, the fancy cars and homes etc. This in turn leads to a trust in self rather than a trust in God… the focus has shifted.

This perspective removes God from His position as King over His Kingdom, and man assumes that role – thereby committing an act of idolatry.

When man believes that he directs his own life, that he is the King over his Kingdom and chases the illusion of securing his own security and prosperity, this does not secure life… rather it leads to burnout and death.

Work is worship. How we approach our work determines the God we serve and the Kingdom we are building.