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Thoughts on Exodus 12:13


“… the blood shall be a sign אות for you…”

Exodus 12:13

At the deliverance of Israel from Egypt, the sign was put on the doorposts and lintel – symbolising the temples and forehead of our body. As the Israelites entered the Promised Land we see this same sign reappear – but this time it is placed in the window (Joshua 2:12), which represents the eyes.

We can see the identity and redeeming aspect of Yahshua embedded in the word תוא – ‘the first (א – the first letter of the Hebrew alphabet) and (ו) the last (ת – the last Hebrew letter)’ or ‘the leader (א) nailed (ו) to the cross (ת)’.

In the New Testament we see this illustrated in the glorious culmination of time where God’s redeemed people, being protected and delivered by His Name on their foreheads, will see His face and live (Revelation 22:4).

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