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The Star of Bethlehem


When we observe the night sky it is like we are reading a book.  In learning to read, we must master the letters of the alphabet and understand how when we put those letters together words and sentences are formed through which we can convey thoughts and ideas.

In the night sky, instead of words ordered on a page, we see the Zodiac figures, with their accompanying constellations, and the planets, Sun and Moon visiting each Zodiac Sign in turn.

By understanding the meaning of each Zodiac Sign as well as the Heavenly Bodies which make their way through them we may learn to decipher the message the Almighty God is endeavouring to portray to His people.

The birth of our Lord and Saviour is described in great detail in the Scriptures.  One of the main features in the account is that of the Maggi following a ‘star’.

There has been much conjecture about the identity of this ‘star’ but some time ago we came across a DVD by Rick Larson called ‘The Star of Bethlehem’ which presented a compelling explanation of the subject.

Being a Lawyer, Larson studied the record of Yahshua’s birth in Matthew 2:1-12 and distilled 9 characteristics of the ‘star’ embedded in the account.  Utilising modern computer programs, in which the night sky around the time of Yahshua’s birth could be recreated, Larson discovered that the night sky literally told the account of Yahshua’s birth as it happened… just as if we were reading it in a book.

This is an interesting concept to consider as the heavens have not ceased to show forth knowledge… the pages of history are still being written and expounded upon within this heavenly scroll… may our humble desire be to be able to read it.

Are you interested in seeing this thought provoking DVD on the ‘star’ featured in the account of Yahshua’s birth?  Visit www.bethlehemstar.com.