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The meaning of the name Caleb


What Was So Special About Caleb?

After the ancient nation of Israel had fled from Egypt by crossing the Red Sea they approached the Promised Land from the south. As they approached the land Moses gathered twelve men whose mission it was to enter the land in order to search it out.

All twelve men returned from their mission and reported that land flows with milk and honey, it was extremely fruitful.

However, there was a problem… the land was inhabited by giants. The inhabitants were perceived to be stronger than the Israelites. Ten of the men determined that this was too great a problem for the smaller and physically weaker Israelites.

Two of the spies, Joshua and Caleb, thought differently. They were keen to go, despite the obvious problem of the giants.

Caleb showed his spirit when he declared “Let’s go up at once, for we are well able to overcome it!”.

Caleb expressed the vision that by following the voice of God fully the protection afforded the giants would be removed and Israel would be able to enter in and take possession of the land.

The Meaning of Caleb’s Name

Each detail in a biblical narrative, including the names of individuals, can provide deeper insights into the meaning of a passage. 

Caleb in Hebrew is כלב and means ‘dog’.

Hebrew is an ideogrammatic language where pictures are used to describe a word. The name Caleb (כלב) is formed from two Hebrew words:

כל = all, complete
לב = heart

Caleb, like a dog, is “All Heart”. He manifested the meaning of his name in his own life:

“My servant Caleb… has followed me fully.” (Numbers 14:24)

A shepherd (Yahshua) needs a trustworthy sheepdog (Caleb – those who are all heart) in order to lead the sheep (the people of Israel) into their green pasture (Kingdom of God).

Are we, like Caleb, All Heart for Yahshua?

So Why Caleb’s Journal?

We live in an exciting time… a time when the Kingdom of God is being manifested here on earth.

However just as it wasn’t easy for the Israelites to enter into their Promised Land it also isn’t easy for us today. There are giants in the land today as well… obstacles that appear to be insurmountable and which prevent the manifestation of God’s Promised Kingdom.

So as we stand at this watershed moment in time let us be encouraged and strengthened by Caleb’s story… knowing that the giant’s protection has been removed when we walk in obedience to the Word of God. The battle isn’t ours… it is the Lord’s (Numbers 14:9)

Here, in Caleb’s Journal, we share the Word that we are hearing from our Heavenly Father, and how we can practically apply this Word in our daily lives… we hope that it will encourage you in your walk of faith.