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The Great Aussie Coin Hunt and the Counterfeit Word


“In the middle of the feast Yahshua went up into the temple and began teaching.”

John 7:14

We are currently in the middle of the Feast of Tabernacles for 2019. The middle of the feast is a time when Yahshua comes into the temple to teach, revealing Himself. This makes the middle of the feast a time of revelation.

Today, on 1st of October 2019, in the middle of the feast, Australia Post commenced releasing a series of one dollar coins each featuring a letter of the alphabet. These coins will be exclusively released through Australia Post.

Australia Post, as the postal system, is an institution that facilitates communication. What is being communicated by the release of this series of coins?

Each coin bears a different letter of the alphabet. Putting together several coins words can be created.

We could say that we come into possession of the word through a collection of coins. The more coins you have the more words you can make. The more words you make the more life you create.[efn_note]Christian thought states that the “Word is Life” (John 1:1-5).[/efn_note]

This is what modern day thinking leads us to believe… money creates or buys “life” – it permits us to facilitate life, allows us to expand our horizons and to secure our place.

However this is a counterfeit word.

In Scripture we read that:

The Word… and therefore Life… is not bought with money

Isaiah 55:1-3, paraphrase

“Life” is a gift which is given as we turn our eyes and ears to Yahshua who is the source of all life. It is through Him that our needs are provided for and our security is obtained.

This brings us back to the opening verse of this blog post.

“In the middle of the feast Yahshua went up into the temple and began teaching. 
[that is, He spoke the WORD]”

John 7:14

The question is, which Word are we hearing?

Are we hearing the voice of our true King, Yahshua, who WITHOUT MONEY gives us freely of His Word so that we may LIVE and GLORIFY Him?


Do we heed to the voice of the imposter, our modern day flesh thinking, which says that life is not gained by the Word of Yahshua but by the power of the coin, the counterfeit word?

This has been a revelation for us during this Feast of Tabernacles. It is our desire that our Father leads us further into walking in the realisation that His Word is the source of our life and not the strength of our own flesh thinking – the power of man represented in money.

An interesting side note… or a “coincidental” confirmation…

On the day of this Australia Post coin release, the Australian television show, A Current Affair, ran an expose on the C3 Ministry is Australia which preaches the prosperity doctrine.[efn_note]The program aired on the evening of 30 September 2019. According to Hebrew reckoning days start and end at sunset.[/efn_note]

The expose claimed that the C3 church “sold miracles” to its followers. Many of its followers paid thousands of dollars to the church in order to secure blessings… a better job, health, cars and even children.

Herein we again see the same question arise… which Word do you trust?