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Passover 2019

Passover 2019

The Biblical Feast Days are appointed times where God speaks to His people.  They provide the framework for the year and illustrate the blueprint showing the steps to be taken for His Kingdom to be manifested on this earth.

By examining historical Biblical events, that occurred around the times of the Feast Days, we glean key themes and messages which can be applied practically in our own lives today.

Exodus 12 records the nation of Israel’s first celebration of the Spring Feasts – having been delivered from the bondage of Egypt by the covering of the blood of the Lamb. The blood covering appears again at the time of the Spring Feasts when Israel enters into the Promised Land, under the leadership of Joshua. The crucifixion of our Saviour at Passover was the final blood covering – releasing us from bondage and providing us with the path to life.

By reflecting on these past events let us recognise the message for today… by being placed under the blood covering of our Saviour we are not only delivered from bondage to ‘flesh’ but we have come into possession of His Life, manifesting His presence as we walk boldly on.