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Lida’s reflections from 2022

This Year, 2022, my verse was 1 Chronicles 10:31:

“What ever you do, do all to the glory of God.”

I had to trust my Heavenly Father in every thing…To be able to put in practice the verse above.

Also l experienced dry spells in my walk this year.

But the saying what kept me going was Ps 1:2-4, which tells me that “wherever my life is planted on or in – that is where l will draw my strength from.”

And during the year my Strength came from “The Word”. And to Trust in Father’s Faithfulness. By reading and meditation on all the Psalms.

I broke my ankle on 15 December 2021 it was a difficult lesson to learn – patience, acceptance, and gratitude.

Half way through this year my attention was drawn to Ps 147:10.

It says: That Our Father taketh not pleasure in the legs of man.

That’s a very hard saying, pondering on this about the fruits of the “flesh” study human nature compared with the fruits of the “spirit”. l came to see that our way is in opposition to our Father’s way.

It is a difficult road when you want to hold fast to what you know and on your own ego. But when you come to see what you really are and get rid of it, you will be set free and become a part of the  body of Christ.

All difficulties are worth it to come at this point in your life. I can’t tell you what it is… you have to experience it for your self.

We all are aware  that we are in a time off transition, we all are looking for a new way . We ponder on it, talk about it with different people that we are coming in contact with. Looking for His Way…. a different way of thinking and praying for a new mindset. Not what we know but to look at things in the way of Yahshua – how He walked and spoke the word. 

Through His Word our mind is changing. It is a process, and when we start to walk in the new way we experience a different way, and another way of looking at the things around us.

And slowly the mind of Christ and our Father will become a part of us.

By praying and asking for a new mind and heart Father’s Spirit will work in us, by His Grace it will be given to us.

What is our part in this? 

We have to believe that the change will happen, and we have to listen to the voice inside of us, when we read and study His Word and walk in what Father is revealing  to us.

How can we know what we hear is actually from Him?.

Because it will always agree with “His Word”. And inside of us will say Amen.

Also this year we spoke a lot about “Vision”.

We have to have the same vision, then we are strong and powerful.

I read in Philippians 4:4 Always be full of joy in the Lord.

Paul had a PMA

P = Positive

M= mental

A= Attitude 

He couldn’t control his environment, but he chose an attitude that enabled him to overcome it. A lesson for us to learn how hard or difficult it sometimes is never loose sight of the Word of God.

Also we spoke about Community and what is true fellowship. Fanny spoke about it on the Caleb’s Journal. These are still two points we have to pray about and work on in the new way – how to put it in to practice.

I came to see by speaking the “Word of God” it is building up the new way.

Words heal, strengthens, and gives joy and peace.

By speaking the Word of God, we see Fathers Faithfulness working in our life. Then we can Praise and speak the Word for the healing of our people.

Thank you, this was part of my journey for 2022.