Henk Beerepoot


Here you will find articles written by our father – the late Henk Beerepoot.

Henk was our Dad, and husband to our mother, Lida.

In 2013, at the age of 66, Dad completed the path that our Heavenly Father had set for him, and he was called home.

Dad wrote a number of articles covering a range of topics – however the sovereignty of YHWH (God) and interpreting Hebrew words through their pictographic meanings are central themes to many of the works.

He played a foundational part in setting the direction for our faith journey. To honour him we would like to make this place available on our site for the articles that he has written.


Lida Beerepoot

Whilst our mother, Lida, doesn’t write any articles for Caleb’s Journal she does contribute in a very real way.

Many of the articles and video posts have only been able to take their current shape and form after many hours of conversation and cups of coffee.

Without our mother’s insight and her ability to facilitate our communication Caleb’s Journal would not exist today.

Articles in English

Articles in Dutch

Before Caleb’s Journal existed Fanny wrote a number of articles about the human body.

These articles are listed here.

Fanny has a great interest in Human Biology.

The late Fran Fisher introduced her to the understanding that the Tabernacle Moses made was an illustration of our body, being the Temple of the Holy Spirit (1 Cor. 6:19), and that each of the Tribes of Israel are represented in the 12 bodily systems.

These findings have inspired Fanny to expound on Fran’s foundational work, resulting in the articles that Fanny would like to share with you here.

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