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Coming to My Senses


Whilst not advertised as a Christian documentary the storyline of Coming to My Senses contains a biblical blueprint which demonstrates the path of healing.

This documentary is about the remarkable recovery of a young man, named Aaron (the name of Israel’s first High Priest), who became quadriplegic (lame) due to a motocross accident.

His recovery started when his sister, Arielle (a name meaning ‘Lion of God’), painted his toenails in rainbow colours (full spectrum light). By embracing the ‘light at his feet’ (Psalm 119:105), focusing particularly on his big toe which had been painted blue (a colour representing obedience to God’s Laws – Numbers 15:38-39), he started to regain movement culminating in his 20 mile unassisted walk through California’s Death Valley.

We are all lame and in need of healing. We are destined to become Kings and Priests of the Most High. As we embrace His Word (Light) at our feet and walk in obedience to it, through the power of Yahshua (Lion of God), we too will be able to walk through the Valley of Death (Psalm 23).