Video Series

The Bedrock of the Church

The apostle Peter is considered in some religious circles to be the founder of the Church and the rock upon which the Church was built. This accolade given to him is due to two instances found in the Word. The one being the scripture in Matthew 16 where Jesus is...

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A Cry to Enter into Covenant

It is only recently that I have become aware of the fact that Jesus walked the road from Jericho to Jerusalem in the days just prior to his crucifixion, and it struck me that by doing this He literally walked out what, in many ways, His life on earth was all about. He...

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The Healing Power of the Hem

Many that lived in the days of Jesus had heard of His healing power. So when Jesus came to town this often created quite a stir. Townsfolk would pour out of their houses and come in from the fields in an attempt to catch a glimpse of Him, to hear Him speak, and...

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Restoring Divine Government

When Israel took possession of the Promised Land they didn’t just walk in unchallenged, many battles needed to be fought, and many cities needed to be overcome in order to secure its possession.  One such battle, the Battle for Kiriath-sepher, was so important that it...

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